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Denver, CO 80219

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There's no better way to start your day than with breakfast at Torres Mexican Food

Buenos Dias!

From our breakfast special to our Denver Omelette, we'll make sure you leave full!



Nachos special $8.50

Beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and Jalapeños

Steak nachos $13.90

Nachos supreme $10.45

Ground beef & beans

Nachos de carnitas $10.80

Shredded soft pork

Guacamole salad $7.90

Chili cheese fries $7.70

Asada fries $13.70

Breakfast & Appetizers Menu

Botanas (Appetizers)

Order To Go

Pint of green chile $5.95

Quart of green chile $9.50

Pint of beans $5.95

Quart of beans $9.50

Pint of red salsa with chips $7.25

Quart of red salsa with chips $10.50

Pint of rice $5.95

Desayunos (Breakfast)

Chilaquiles (Red, Green) $10.25

Steak w/ 2 eggs $11.50

Served with hashbrown, side of green chile and tortillas

Pork chops w/ 2 eggs $11.50

Served with grilled onions, green or red chile and 2 tortillas

Pancakes $2.95 (3)

French toast $4.75

Torres breakfast special $9.85

3 Pancakes, 2 eggs, choice of chorizo, bacon, ham, or sausage. With a side of green chile, hashbrowns and 2 tortillas

Huevos rancheros $9.50

Beans, rice, 2 eggs, tortillas, red or green chile

Huevos con chorizo $9.95

Served w/ green chile, beans and 2 tortillas

Mexican omelet $9.20

Bell peppers, red & green onions, Jalapeño, cheese & pico de gallo

Burrito $6.70

Egg, potato smothered with lettuce & cheese

Burrito $6.95

Egg & potato with choice of chorizo sausage, bacon or ham. Smothered with lettuce and cheese

Denver omelet $9.20

Eggs, bell peppers, onions, ham, Jalapeños, hashbrowns