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You won't find authentic Mexican cuisine this good anywhere else in town - join us today!


T-bone Steak


Steak Ranchero (Spicy) $18.45

Diced rib-eye steak, potatoes, tomatoes and jalapeños in a spicy sauce with beans, rice and 2 tortillas

Mexican T-Bone Steak $21.25

Served with potato, rice and beans

Tampiqueña $17.95

Rib-eye steak covered with pico de gallo and melted cheese

Carne Asada Rib-Eye Steak (Grilled) $17.40

With 2 tortillas, beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes, onions, & roasted Jalapeño

Carnitas $14.45

Large chunks of pork marinated in a sauce

Green Chile Plate $9.45

Beans, rice and 2 tortillas

Red Chile Plate $8.25

Beans, rice & 2 tortillas

Green Chile Bowl $5.50

&2 totillas

Pork Chops $12.45

Milanesa $13.25

Hamburger Steak $11.00

Mexican Hamburger $10.35

Carne Adobada $13.45

Mexican Steak $17.45


More Favorites

Caldo de res $14.20

Beef stew

Pozole $8.70 (Pint) |$13.50 (Quart)

Menudo $8.25 (Pint) | $11.70 (Quart)

Chicken mole $14.20

Chicken marinated in a sweet sauce

Pollo Asado $14.25

Grilled chicken breast or thigh and leg marinated in our special sauce and grilled with onions & peppers. Served with guacamole sour cream, lettuce, beans, rice & tortillas

Pork taquitos

(3) Pork Taquitos $10.70

Served with beans, lettuce and slices of avocado with onion

Tacos al carbon $13.70

Grilled steak tacos

Tacos de pollo asado $12.70

Grilled corn tortillas with diced chicken breast served with rice, avocado slices and pico de gallo

Tacos de asada $13.25

Steak tacos

Tacos de desebrada $10.90

Shredded beef

(3) Tacos de camaron $12.70

Shrimp tacos

Taco salad $8.70

Taco adobada $12.70

Marinated diced pork in a two chile sauce

Stuffed sopas $8.70

Chicken, beef or beef with bean smothered in green chile

Served with: Guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and

smothered with green chile

(3) Flautas $10.50

Shredded beef or chicken

Mariscos (Seafood)

Additional bowls of homemade tortilla chips are $1.00 each

Banquete mariner $33.65

Camaron, pulpo, camarones, rellenos, ceviche de camaron

Mojarra $20.45

Talapia (deep fried served with beans, rice and 2 tortillas

7 Mares (Spicy) $21.45

Combo seafood soup, 2 tortillas

Toastadas de camaron y pulpo

$6.75 for 1 $15.45 for 3

Tacos de pescado $12.45 (3)

Fish tacos tostadas de ceviche (Spicy)

$6.45 for 1 $15.45 for 3

Mexican t-bone steak & shrimp $23.45

Filete empanizado $16.45


Any substitution $0.75 each

1. Taco, tostada, smothered burrito $10.45

2. Taco, tostada & enchilada $9.45

3. Taco, enchilada, smothered burrito $10.45

4. Tostada, enchilada, smothered burrito $10.45

5. Chile relleno, enchilada, beef burrito $10.90

6. Smothered burrito de chicharrones $11.90

enchilada, tamales, beans and rice. All served with lettuce & cheese

7.  Chile relleno with beans & rice $9.45

2 tortillas

8.  2 Enchiladas beans and rice  $10.45

Smothered red chile

9. 2 Tamales beans and rice $9.90


10.  2 Chicken flautas $9.45

Smothered beans and rice

11. 3 Chicken enchiladas $10.90

Beans and rice

12. 3 Enchiladas $10.90

1 Cheese, 1 beef, 1 chicken

13. Beans burrito smothered $10.45

Beef, taco and rice

14. Torres Special Combination $11.90

Smothered beef burrito with lettuce and cheese, chile relleno, enchilada beans and rice

15. Chimichanga beans & rice $9.90

Beef and bean, chicken, ground beef or shredded beef

16. Two tacos rice & beans (beef) $9.45

17. Chile relleno, bean tostada $9.90

Choice of rice and beans

18. Beef taco, two enchiladas $9.90

19. 3 Burritos

Choice of one of each bean, beef, shredded beef, chicken or chicharrones. Smothered with lettuce, cheese and tomatoes

Combinaciones (Combinations)

Grilled chicken salad $10.25

Shrimp avocado $10.75

House salad $8.75

Avocado salad $9.75

Ensaladas (Salads)

Cocktail de camaron (spicy) $18.45

Shrimp cocktail (Mexican style)

Fajitas de camaron $20.00

(Shrimp fajitas) shrimp grilled with onions and red and green bell peppers, with beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, 4 tortillas

Camarones ala mantequilla $19.45

Served with beans, rice and 2 tortillas

Camarones al mojo de ajo $19.45

Garlic shrimp served with beans, rice and 2 tortillas

Camarones empanizados $19.45

Camarones rellenos $19.45

Shrimp stuffed with cheese and wrapped in a bacon, with rice, beans, avocado

Camarones rancheros $19.45

Shrimp served with beans, rice and 2 tortillas (spicy)

Camarones a la diabla (Spicy) $19.45

Shrimp made with chile chipotle. Served with beans, rice and 2 tortillas

Caldo de pescado (Spicy) $19.00

Fish stew, 2 tortillas

Caldo de camaron (Spicy) $19.00

Shrimp stew, 2 tortillas

Caldo de pescado con camaron (Spicy) $19.40

Fish and shrimp soup

Filete ranchero $19.45

Fresh fish filet served in a light sauce with potatoes, Jalapeños, onions, tomatoes with beans,

rice & 2 tortillas

Mas Mariscos (More Seafood)



Bean burrito $6.95

Burritos (Your choice of)

Beef, beef & bean, chicken, chicharrones, desebrada

Smothered with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese

Fajita burrito (Chicken or beef) $10.45

Smothered with lettuce, cheese, tomato, sour cream, guacamole

with beans

Carne asada burrito $9.95

Diced steak, smothered with green chile

Carnitas burrito $9.20

Smothered with lettuce and cheese

Chile relleno burrito $8.50

Smothered with lettuce, cheese and tomato

Burritos (Your choice of 3) $12.75

Beef and bean, beef, chicken, chicharrones, desebrada

Smothered with lettuce, cheese and tomato

Sandwiches & Tortas

Your choice of ($7.95):

Asada, Ham, Avocado, Milanesa

(All tortas comne with French fries)

Cheese burger with fries $6.25

Chicken sandwich with fries $8.25

Torres hamburger deluxe $9.15

Hamburger patty topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomaotes, Jalapeño, guacamole, pickles, onions, and French fries

Ala Carte

Chile relleno $4.75

Egg roll crispy or egg batter soft

Enchilada $3.25

Ground beef, shredded beef, cheese or chicken

Tamal with chile $3.25

Chciken or beef taco $2.75

(3) Enchiladas

with Beans and rice (Your choice) $10.90

Cheese, beefm chicken, suizas, mole, shredded beef

Enchiladas rancheras (3) $11.25


Bean tostadas (3) $6.75

Guacamole tostadas (3) $7.95

Bean tostada (1) $3.00

Beef tostada (1) $3.00

Beef & bean tostada $3.50

Guacamole tostada $3.50

Side Orders

Beans & rice $3.75

Sour cream Any of these items $1.95 each

Beans/rice/lettuce/onions/cheese/ tomatoes


A. Bean burrito, $8.50

Cheese enchilada, guacamole tostada with beans

B. Guacamole tostada, $8.00

Cheese enchilada with rice

C. Bean burrito w/ cheese, $8.75

Cheese enchilada and cheese quesadilla

Torres veggie burrito $7.50

Rice, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream

Veggie fajitas $12.50

Grilled bell pepper, onions, mushroom, served with guacamole, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, rice, whole beans, 3 tortillas